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When you call in or apply now, we can get you approved on a car title loan in less than 15 minutes! YES, we really mean just 15 minutes! All you’ll need is a vehicle what’s worth at least $5,200. When you are the owner of a vehicle, you can trade in your car title and take out a loan against the market value of the car. This means you can get a loan anywhere from $2,500 up to even $30,000! When you apply for a car title loan with Qik Title Loans Los Angeles, we’ll appraise your car for its equity value. This amount will be how much you can take out for a loan.

Car title loans are regular loans that are secured to your car title. What that means is that you will be using your car’s title as collateral for cash. If you have a car that’s paid off completely or almost paid off that means that you can qualify for one of our loans. Don’t let bad credit or no credit deter you from applying. We have approved customers with less than perfect credit before.

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Qik Title Loans Los Angeles is the #1 place in Los Angeles to get an auto title loan. You won’t need to deal with any insane paperwork hassles and Bad Credit and No credit is NO PROBLEM! Our process is extremely fast, extremely easy, and extremely convenient. Simple: You bring your car, collect your check OR we can even come to you wherever you are… Even at work!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a title loan in Los Angeles then call Qik Title Loans Los Angeles immediately! We have decades of experience financing automobiles in Southern California so we consider ourselves experts in this field. Our financing is setup on a 2-4 year installment loan on a payment that you can afford. This is not like a credit card or payday loan that will keep accruing interest so you’re never out of the hole. This loan get paid off as you make payments. Also, there is no penalty for prepayment- pay off the loan when you want, how you want. Get your title loan from Qik Title Loans Los Angeles! Call 310-928-1311

Auto Equity in Orange County

Our title loans are an ideal solution for anyone in a situation that requires urgent cash. You don’t need to sit around for weeks just to see if your auto loan will be approved. Our simple title loans take only 1 hour to process and fund and the best part is that you don’t need good credit to be approved. Remember, we have been doing this for decades in Los Angeles so we are financial experts and this is what we do. If you need a loan from $2600 and up, call us and we can setup you up with the loan that is the right fit for you. Call Qik Title Loans Los Angeles today and we can qualify you immediately over the phone and tell you exactly how much cash we can put in your hand. Call 310-928-1311 today. You have valuable equity in your vehicle whether it’s a car or a truck and you can use it to borrow against conveniently. Let us be the ones to satisfy your financing needs and get you the loan that you can afford.


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Medical Bills • Children’s Tuition • Unexpected death or sickness in the family • Business

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Keep in mind, our title loans are not the same types of loans you are used to seeing. Our title loans are fully amortized. In other words, you loan will be paid off in full once you finish your payments.

Our title loans are fully amortized. In other words, you loan will be paid off in full once you finish your payments. Most traditional title loans you see out in the market are for 30 days or less and due in full as a balloon payment. You do not want to get stuck with those types of loans- you’ll be in a far worse position. Be assured that our loans will come with payments that make it affordable and actually pay off your loan balance every month. Also, our loans do not come with a pre-payment penalty which means that you can pay off the loan at any given time without worrying about having to pay for a penalty. This is a great alternative to payday loans because they are not only easier to pay off, they have higher loan amounts that your typical payday loan. Our loans are based off the value of your car so we can get you a higher loan amount. These are NOT secured loans which usually require good credit.

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Loan amounts range from $2,510 to $20,000